From the letter received through the SENATE ARM makes us know that  COMRADE KIKILOWO AYOADE AY ORIGINAL have been abusing his office ,duties and Financial Misconduct.

Solidarity greetings to you all from the leadership of the Legislative arm of the National association of Ondo state students. We wish to bring to the notice of the stakeholders, Govt personnel, Corporate bodies and the entire Ondo students at large over series of financial misconducts, abuse of office and breach of public trust by Comr Kikiowo Ayoade AY ORIGINAL the embattled President of the National Association of Ondo State Students.

In line with the provisions of our constitution, after receiving several petitions on financial misappropriation, breach of administrative protocol and mismanagement of funds against the embattled President, it is highly imperative to investigate and scrutinize the activities of Comr Kikiowo Ayoade AY ORIGINAL with the view of bringing justice and equity in the process and runnings of the association.

The embattled President, Comr Kikiowo Ayoade AY ORIGINAL received Covid-19 palliatives on behalf of the association from corporate bodies, individuals and most importantly the government. Upon receipt of the pallatives he decided independently to share the pallatives to his close relatives, family and friends without consultations with neither his fellow executives nor senate principal officers under the disguise of giving out to vulnerable students living in Akure.

Comr Kikiowo Ayoade the embattled President appointed zonal cordinators for the association without consulting nor informing his fellow executives and without appropriate approval of the Senate with the intention of having them take over the responsibilities of the dully elected senators and members of the executive council.

It is also worthy to note that Comr Kikiowo Ayoade AY ORIGINAL perpetrates corrupt activities through the disguise of being loyal to the state government and singlehandedly received a sum of Five hundred thousand Naira which was meant for mobilization of the association officials and Students to the 3rd year anniversary of our amiable Governor, when his fellow executives and Senate principal officers opted to make enquires about the said program, he made threats with his acclaimed influence and opined that he has the power to run the association as he wishes. It is on note that he singlehandedly mobilized none students to the venue so he could embezzle the above mentioned amount.

It is also on records that Comr Kikiowo Ayoade AY ORIGINAL has continued to recieve the monthly subvention of the association for over 4months without the knowledge of neither his fellow executives nor the principal officers of the Senate arm, he has decided to run the association as a one man business and he is fond of sharing the association benefits with his aides. It will interest you that fund and benefits appropriated and allocated for the runnings of the association has always been diverted for the personal use of the embattled President, Comr. Kikiowo Ayoade AY ORIGINAL.”

Therefore, the need to put Comr Kikiowo Ayoade AY ORIGINAL under scrutiny and check has become imperative to secure the commonwealth of the association as well as to guarantee integrity of the other executive members and principal officers of our great association.

The SENATE ARM  urge the state government, corporate organizations, private individuals and the general public not to relate, interact or release palliatives or any other benefits of the association to the embattled President as the Senate arm has set up a committee to act accordingly and instigate a thorough and detailed investigation of Comr Kikiowo Ayoade and his corrupt activities to bring about justice and protect the sanctity of democratic process of our dear association and the interest of our members.

The SENATE ARM Strongly advice that Comr. Kikiowo Ayoade AY ORIGINAL the embattled President should not parade himself as an official of the association untill all neccessary investigation is done and all issues resolved, anything contrary may lead to further legislative sanctions.


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